Full Time Schedule Example

(varies per class)

8:30-9:30       Spelling Work/Vocabulary

9:30-9:50       Recess

9:50-10:00     Snack

10:00-11:00   Math

11:00-11:35    Reading

11:35-12:00   Recess

12:00-12:40  Lunch

12:45-1:35     LA/Writing

1:35-2:00      Recess

2:00-2:45     Spanish

2:50       Dismissal

General Information

          Math, Spelling, Reading, Spanish and Language Arts/Writing are daily classes. Science and History are alternated every 9 weeks in grades 1-8.

            Students are grouped during school days by academic achievement in all subjects to allow individual acceleration and/or remediation in each subject area. This means that students may be with one teacher for some subjects and higher or lower level teachers for other subjects. 

            Instructors of grades 1st - 12th use numerical averages to calculate grades. Progress reports will be sent home at week 5 of each semester and report cards will go home week 9.